We understand fear and cost are two main deterrents of vision correction. However, the cost is less than you might think in the long-term.

For those with glasses or contact lenses: think about the number of optometrist visits; checks and prescriptions; cost of contact lenses, solution, cases, glasses - both reading and sunglasses; how many pairs of glasses you have; how frequently you change, break or lose them. Calculate that over five years and then consider the cost of vision correction, which lasts you a lifetime. It’s easy to see the financial benefits, not mentioning the improvement to your sight.

Pricing Guides

Suitability Assessment: FREE
Full consultation: FREE
AAA LASIK - $ 3580.00 (Single eye)
AAA LASIK - $ 5880.00 (both eyes)
Presbond Laser Vision Correction: $3580.00 (one eye)
Presbyond Laser Vision Correction: $6960.00 (both eyes)

Warranty: Our superior vision correction carries a 10 year warranty for shortsightedness correction and a 5 year warranty for longsightedness/age-related correction.


Improve your vision today. We have a range of affordable finance options to suit all requirements. From Q Mastercard, to Nova Medical, we have options of 6-24 months interest-free packages available. Through Q Mastercard, for example, we offer a 24 months interest-free option, with zero payments in the first three months.


Q Mastercard Pre-approvalQ Mastercard square


We also have payment options such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express, personal cheque, EFT (bank authorisation required over $3000), and cash.


Out-of-Town Packages

We make it easy to access our outstanding laser eye treatments, even if you’re outside the Waikato region or our clinics. We offer three great services:

1. Same-day consultation and surgery. No need for a prior, separate onsite appointment.
2. Complimentary overnight accommodation (for laser procedures) next to our clinic at the comfortable Ashwood Manor.
3. Post-operative care provided for free (by arrangement) via your local optometrist or at one of our clinics located near you. This continues for up to six months post-treatment.




“It was life-changing, pain-free and easy. I was worried for no good reason, as the procedure took minutes; I sat up and the world was clear again. The next day, signs were clearer, lights were sharper and I had a whole new world of detail that I didn’t even have with contacts. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.”